Be one of the first SME’s to become Fertility Friendly

Fertility Matters at Work is on a mission to ensure people feel supported and understood in the workplace when they are struggling to grow their family.

Whatever size your organisation might be, we know this is an issue that affects a huge number of working people and we believe that anyone on a challenging path to parenthood deserves to be understood and supported, regardless of the business size. With 1 in 6 people impacted by infertility issues, there is a possibility this is a wellbeing issue you need to take into consideration.

You’ll know how as a small business it can seem like the to-do list is endless, which is why you want to ensure you hold onto the good people who help your business run.

Introducing our Fertility Friendly Essentials membership, a small business solution providing access to our support, guidance, education and awareness raising tools.

Within our membership resource library you will find the tools you need to implement policy and cultural change, demonstrating your commitment to becoming a fertility friendly employer.

Membership includes:

Committed to becoming a Fertility Friendly Employer

Our on-demand 30 minute ‘Why Fertility Matters at Work’ training webinar to share within your organisation

Downloadable PDFs all about the topic of infertility

On-demand guidance workshops

Info around building internal support networks

Tips on policy development including best practice examples

Specific insights into alternative paths to parenthood

External signposting for further specialised support

Use of the ‘committed to becoming Fertility Friendly badge’

Up to 20 licenses for our eLearning training for managers

Once you have put these components in place you are ready to apply for our Accreditation to become a ‘Fertility Friendly Employer’ and join large organisations such as Deutsche Bank, Cadent Gas, News UK and Selfridges already doing this important work.

Please note this package is designed for organisations of 500 employees or less.

We currently only have 20 spaces available to ensure we can offer you additional support through this process.

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12 month membership

One payment of £1495 + VAT


12 x monthly instalments of £130 + VAT

1 hour virtual Accreditation Panel:

Once you have implemented the resources, you can apply for our Accreditation panel which is your opportunity to share the steps taken to become more fertility friendly. It will include the Fertility Matters at Work team, along with our Medical or Psychological advisor. Ahead of the panel you will be expected to complete a form following which if accreditation has been granted, your organisation will be presented with the ‘Fertility Friendly Employer’ badge for use on your website and social media.

£500 + VAT

We offer a 20% discount for public sector organisations

Our employee wellbeing module is also available as an add on for up to 250 employees

Why offer this training to your staff? By having more peer support available people going through this will feel better supported and hopefully less guilty about handing over projects or discussing flexible working within a team. Also by engaging your employees on this topic, those who will progress to be managers will already have an understanding of the issue and how best to support people with it.

£500 + VAT

We offer a 20% discount for public sector organisations

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Sign up to Fertility Friendly Essentials 

Limited spaces available


One payment of £1495 + VAT


12 x monthly instalments of £130 + VAT