Diversity and Inclusion
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Diversity and Inclusion in Fertility:

Why all organisations should be including the ‘F’ word at work.

Tues 8th November 12-1.30pm

Virtual Roundtable Discussion

Fertility can impact anyone, regardless of gender, identification, sexual orientation or ethnicity. This discussion will bring to life this vast topic, focusing on many of the groups impacted in different ways by needing fertility treatment to have a child. We’ll talk about the importance of inclusive language and representation of all people and paths to parenthood within the workplace, whether it be within policies, internal support networks or awareness raising activities. 

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Reproductive Health and Wellbeing:

We’ll be talking about integrating fertility into your women and people’s wellbeing strategy and the importance of supporting and empowering employees throughout their reproductive journey.

We’ll also be discussing the importance of including and empowering men within the fertility conversation, with a focus on the cis-male experience of pressures from societal narratives leading to toxic masculinity and stigma.

LGBTQ+ family building experiences: 

We’ll explore the important topic of how organisations can usualise, be inclusive of and support LGBTQ+ family building.

Alternative paths to parenthood:

We’ll discuss what employers need to know about being inclusive of alternative paths to parenthood.

Diversity and culture:

We’ll share about the intersect between ethnicity and fertility, with additional barriers faced for those from ethnic minority communities, as we discuss how culture can impact the experiences of those going through treatment, amplifying the taboo nature of this topic.

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Tues 8th November 12-1.30pm