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Welcome to the first episode of The F Word at Work, a conversation for busy HR, D&I and well-being leads with the aim to open your minds to the vast topic of fertility at work and why it really matters for employees and businesses too.

Today you’ll hear from all three co-founders Natalie Silverman, (your host) Becky Kearns and Claire Ingle sharing their thoughts on this new podcast series and what it is setting our to achieve and you’ll hear our first conversation with a thought leader within the workplace wellbeing space, Zoe Sinclair, founder of Employees Matter.

Huge thank you to our series sponsors Apricity

What was discussed:

  • The origins of Employees Matter
  • How This Can Happen came about – the workplace mental health conference
  • How these well-being and mental health conversations evolve
  • How workplaces overcome fears of using certain language, such as ‘stress’.
  • The response to putting our workplace webinar on suicide from the huge number of organisations that signed up to be on the call and how many people shared their experiences.
  • What is happening in terms of new conversations – how organisations are viewing the family-building conversation
  • What companies need to think about to manage it all.

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