Why supporting employees through life events matters

Welcome to another episode of The F Word at Work where we join Helen Letchfield co-founder of P&P coaching which she set up in 2009 based on her personal experience of the startling transition of moving from being a professional with a senior role, to a sleep-deprived, brand-new, home-alone parent – and then back again into the world of organisational politics and career demands – all on reduced hours. In this thought-provoking conversation Helen shares her insights on what has changed in the workplace well-being space over the last 16 years and what she thinks are key trends for 2023.

What was discussed:

  • Primary and Secondary caregivers
  • What has changed over the last 16 years in terms of workplaces understanding wellbeing – more about legal cases
  • Now it’s around helping everyone back into the workplace after becoming parents 
  • What it means to be a family-friendly supporting organisation 
  • Importance of making people feel welcomed and supported at work
  • Progressive organisations are using that for an attraction and retentions tool
  • How the pandemic has helped to shifted the awareness around looking after new parents and leadership develop
  • How post-pandemic both Mums and Dads were asking for flexibility ch
  • How virtual sessions have enabled a greater reach with people feeling happier as they are able to have these conversations at home 
  • The choice of partitioner can be determined by the coach, not location 
  • Why employers are worried about giving ‘managers’ more to do – as senior managers hadn’t done the role play needed to coach middle managers – there was a skill and knowledge gap
  • Didn’t realise the impact it has to be supportive
  • How organisations are now more ready to look at the whole cycle – happy to look more at what family-friendly means – including looking at fertility issues and menopause, gendered ageism. 
  • How different organisations in different sectors are in different places in terms of taking this whole conversation.
  • Finance and Law sectors – lead the way, now more male-heavy, male-dominated sectors such as manufacturing are coming to talk about these issues as they are recognising the need. 
  • Fertility keeps coming up time and time again as people recognise they want to break the taboo 
  • Need to support HR, D&I, Managers in taking on these new roles 
  • Ensure that initiates are put out for men and women
  • Create an equal playing field 
  • Trends in 2023 – work to prove that this work does support the attraction and retention route
  • Gendered ageism – the impact on the over 50’s and the importance of this population 
  • Making sure managers don’t make assumptions about anyone’s circumstances 

Thanks once again to our series sponsor Apricity.

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