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Meet a man on a mission! Holding the role of Managing Director at JAAQ at Work, founder of Includability, and co-founder of DiSRUPT, Paul Smith has dedicated his professional life to instigating transformation and nurturing spaces where every voice is valued and acknowledged. His fervor lies in uniting people and constructing communities that aren’t mere existences but catalysts for change. Paul firmly advocates for the potential inherent in diverse and inclusive environments, ones that embolden individuals and spark innovation. Join him in challenging the established norms and jointly creating a substantial influence!

What we discussed:

  • Paul shares how he got introduced to Jack.org and its founder, Daniel Gray. He talks about how Jack.org was born and its mission to positively impact mental health.
  • What topics are covered by Jaaq.org including suicide, core mental health issues, eating disorders, addictions, fertility, menopause, LGBTQIA+ issues, race, ethnicity, grief, and bereavement.
  • How the Jaaq at Work came about and is working with organizations to provide a safe space for employees to learn, be educated, and empowered.
  • Changing the Mental Health conversation in the workplace
  • The challenges of getting people to open up about their mental health at work and the importance of providing education and knowledge to employees and managers.
  • The importance of having a visual presence of mental health conversations in the workplace, such as posters, QR codes, and other engagement tools.
  • The importance of collaboration and empowerment within organizations. He discusses the role of Jaaq champions and employee resource groups in driving mental health initiatives.
  • Trends in workplace wellbeing, including the increasing awareness of issues like suicide, bereavement, neurodiversity, menopause, and fertility.
  • Making mental health conversations year-round
  • Quick wins for organizations – have the infrastructure in place to support mental health, train and educate employees and managers, and encourage authentic storytelling.
  • The power of storytelling and how it can drive change within organizations and create a culture of mental well-being.

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