Why fertility matters at Selfridges

Welcome to The F Word at Work – we share highligts of another epic week the night before we are attending the Northern Power Women awards ( fingers crossed by the time you hear this we’ve won!) We also mention the This Can Happen conference we’re speaking at this week.

So we’ve got a few remaining episodes to share in this series, so we’re going to be focusing on best practices from our clients. We’re having more and more conversations with companies keen to offer training to their people leaders and ensure those going through fertility issues are better supported, which is so exciting for us as a start-up. Today we’re delighted to share this conversation with Jo Riddell of Selfridges, Head of ER, Policy and Wellbeing.

Did you know that Selfridges is actually the first company that Fertility Matters at Work signed? Jo explains how she first heard about us and the amazing feedback Selfridges is getting as a result of the work they are doing.

We’re delighted to share that Selfridges are now a fertility friendly accredited ™️ employer ( updated 12/3/2024 )

 What we discussed: 

  • What led the drive for Selfridges to become fertility-friendly
  • How Selfridges launched it’s fertility friendly activity with a launch panel with a senior lead, talking about her expereince of pregnancy loss.
  • The feedback they have been receiving since working with Fertility Matters at Work
  • The impact of this education and how it is created an more supportive environment for colleagues.
  • Selfridges plans for further awareness raising events.
  • How representation is important
  • How Selfridges have used surveys to gain employee feedback
  • How employees and team members tend to share their feedback privately. 
  • Selfridges relaunched its internal support network called, Family Matters to encourage people to share their stories. 
  • Use of the Yama app to help them communicate and support each other despite the diversity and size of their organization. 
  • How they ensure people feel comfortable and safe and that they are not judged regardless of what they are going through. 
  • How Selfridges evaluated its policies to meet the different needs of its team members. 
  • How using their social media to highlight this work has benefited their attraction and retention
  • Selfridges aim to become fertility accredited this year. 
  • How Selfridges wants to continue the conversation and to keep on looking for what’s next they can offer and how they’d be able to give support to their teams. 
  • Have a look @fertilit_arty on insta


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