Why fertility communities matter at work

Welcome to the latest episode of The F Word at Work, where you’ll be hearing some throughts from our members, as in July 2023, we held of first in person round table event to bring together our members to share what they had been doing to implement the support from us here at Fertility Matters at Work.

We had three presentations from some of our accredited members, Cadent Gas – who received their Fertility Friendly accreditation in March 2023, the first utilites company to do so, Burgess Mee Family Law, who were the very first of our members to gain their Fertility Friendly Accreditation and the first law firm to do so and Cornwall Council, the first local authority to receive a Fertility Friendly Accreditation so as you see there are companies making waves within their sector with this type of wellbeing activity.

What was discussed:

  • Awareness raising
  • Training
  • Implementing policy and guidance
  • Building internal peer-to-peer support
  • How having the different insights from the different sectors is really helpful

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