Why becoming fertility friendly in 2023 matters

Welcome to the first episode of The F Word at Work for 2023, where all three co-founders Natalie, Becky and Claire have come together to reflect on what was an epic 2022, and to tell you bit about what is in store in 2023 and why becoming fertility friendly should be a key part of your wellbeing strategy with good reason. 

What was discussed

  • Going to Parliament for the launch of Nickie Aiken’s Fertility Workplace pledge and to further discuss the work we have done to support the Parliamentary Bill for paid time off for it to become a statutory right for paid time of fertility treatment appointments 
  • How our business has grown in it’s first year
  • The impact we’ve been having and the many thank you’s we’ve been receiving
  • Our nomination for the New Statesman Positive Impact award and meeting Joeli Brearly from Pregnant then Screwed
  • Why focusing on this area of well-being will benefit your organisation and the ROI will be that good people want to come and work for you and stay working for you as they are properly supported by you as you can empathise with them due to having a better understanding of the impact of fertility treatment on all people needing it to grow their families. 
  • When we’re talking about paid time off and people needing to go to appointments, we’re not asking for days and days meaning an organisation isn’t going to be able to function, we’re talking about flexibility.
  • There’s already a cost to business as if people are going to go through it whether they can get paid time off or not. It’s much easier to manage planned time off rather than someone just going off sick.
  • Important to understand that with fertility rates declining this issue of people needing help to have a baby isn’t going away
  • The ongoing issue of Intended Parents not being included in workplace policies.
  • How different generations of workforce need different things
  • Our exciting press coverage in ITV News and Red Magazine
  • How we’re going to be working with Liberty’s
  • The issue for Intended Parents not being included in workplace policies.
  • Northern Power Women Awards nomination for Small Organisation category

Are you ready to discuss your plans for 2023, even if you’re not quite ready to start, lets talk about how you can move forward in helping those going through it and uphill your managers, Mental Health first aiders, ensure your HR team fully understand and the right kind of language is being used in policies and guidance. 

Thanks once again to our series sponsor Apricity.

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