What you need to know about the new Surrogacy reform bill & how to engage men to think about their fertility

We’re back with Series 2 of The F Word at Work from Fertility Matters (FMAW) at Work and we’re launching into our new season discussing the changes to the Surrogacy reform bill in conversation Mike Johnson-Ellis.

If you have been following us and FMAW for a while, you know that Mike is our good friend and are working closely with My Surrogacy Journey supporting intended parents with workplace issues. If you don’t know Mike he is a prominent advocate for surrogacy and fertility treatments and along with his partner Wes, is the founder of Two Dads UK with his partner Wes and the pair have founded My Surrogacy Journey (MSJ) and the Modern Family Show.

You can hear our previous conversation with Mike where he talks through his personal experience at work, and what it was like as a gay man in a toxic male environment where he was told that becoming a parent was ‘committing career suicide’!!

Mike and Wes have immense passion in the work they do and we’re proud to partner with them as they raising awareness about the significance of surrogacy for LGBT+ couples. Mike has been recognized as a pioneering figure within the LGBT+ community and honored with The Surrogacy Professional of the Year Award and is in high demand as a speaker for various LGBT-themed events, so we’re delighted to have him on the pod again.

What we discussed:

  • Mike’s work with TwoDadsUK.com and My Surrogacy Journey and the conversations they have around gay parenting and diversity to fertility treatment and the journey to parenthood through surrogacy, all with a focus on LGBTQ+ parenting.
  • The Modern Family Show, a family-building event happening on 23.09.23 – tickets are still available
  • The recent legislative changes related to surrogacy and their impact on intended parents, what Mike considers to be a win, and what still needs to happen
  • What organisations need to consider in terms of raising awareness around surrogacy, such as it being separate from adoption leave, how language needs to be more inclusive
  • What not to say to people who are embarking on surrogacy – comments such as ‘you’re buying a baby’ or ‘just adopt’ are ill-informed and offensive
  • The importance of inviting men in to talk about their health, especially their fertility, and how gay men in particular have a lack of education about their fertile health
  • How awareness-raising webinars with men is a powerful way to validate the conversation
  • Mike’s plans for further family building through surrogacy in Mexico City as My Surrogacy Journey are now supporting a pathway in Mexico.

Have a listen to our past conservation with Mike Ellis about Surrogacy here.

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