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Welcome to episode 2 of the F Word at Work podcast, where all three co-founders, Natalie, Becky and Claire are here once again to discuss male infertility and how traditional gender roles play a huge part in why men are less likely to discuss or seek help for their mental health and what the workplace can do to address this issue. We’ll be talking with our guest Shaun Greenaway, a male fertility advocate who was diagnosed with azoospermia due to having Mumps in his 20s. After having to go through invasive procedures whilst working for the Met Police, Shaun had to go down the donor conception route to have his family. His experience has had a profound effect on him and he is now a proud Dad of twins and the founder of Knackered Knackers where he is continuing to build an amazing support platform for men dealing with infertility.

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 What was discussed: 

  • Shaun talks about the difficulties to open up in a male-dominated work environment and how he felt if he did he would be ‘cannon fodder’
  • He hid the appointments with multiple dentist appointments – but how many can you realistically have 
  • How infertility is always seen as a female issue, especially in the workplace
  • Shaun’s experience was a positive one once he finally disclosed to his male counterparts 
  • He still didn’t feel confident sharing with all of his colleagues due to how society behaves around Men showing vulnerability
  • He decided to set up Knackered Knackered his own support group which has grown from strength to strength 
  • How more needs to be done around the stigma of men talking about these issues 

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