Part 1: Diversity and Inclusion – why understanding reproductive health matters

Welcome to this bumper podcast episode which is sharing our Diversity and Inclusion in Fertility Round Table conversation which was held on Zoom on 8th November 2022 with the aim to help you understand how many different people are impacted by fertility challenges in a number of different ways and also to give you a better understanding of the how these communities who are impacted. 

By inclusion we want you to start thinking about how you can ensure that any support you put in place for fertility is inclusive in both language and action. It’s about understanding your people and communities and how to create sustainable positive change that will represent and benefit those communities going forwards.  

In the first part of this conversation we’ll hear from  Emma Persand, Director of Lemur Health, qualified nurse and workplace health and wellbeing professional and Lina Chan, CEO and founder of Parla, a digital health company supporting people on their reproductive life journeys from periods to fertility and menopause with expert-led programmes and workshops discussing Reproductive Health and Wellbeing regarding Cis women and anyone with a uterus as it is this group that are predominantly the ones who have physical treatment and need to be present at all appointments, they’re affected by medication side effects and quite often can be all-consumed by the process.

We also spoke with Tom Webb, Director of The Easy Bit documentary Shaun Greenaway founder of Knackered Knackers, Male Support platform to discuss the importance of including and empowering men within the fertility conversation, with a focus on the cis-male experience of pressures from societal narratives leading to toxic masculinity and stigma. 

Thanks once again to our series sponsor Apricity.

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