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Welcome to episode 3 of The F Word at Work from Fertility Matters at Work ( FMAW) which we are sharing with you one week after the three of us, Natalie, Becky and Claire went to Parliament to join our guest Nickie Aiken as she launched the Fertility Workplace Pledge. Nickie is the Conservative MP for the Cities of London and Westminster and along with the pledge, is bringing forward a private members bill for people undergoing fertility treatment.

The episode was recorded in the summer following the first reading of Fertility Treatment (Employment rights ) bill and was a conversation between Nickie, Natalie ( FMAW) and Kate Davies who is our medical advisor at FMAW. Thanks once again to our series sponsor Apricity.

 What was discussed:

  • How Nickie learnt of this issue from one of her constituents who was forced out of a job and had to agree on a NDA which left a nasty taste in her mouth and she came to Nickie as she didn’t want anyone else going through it.  
  • How it’s the last taboo when it comes to maternal services 
  • The misconception is that IVF is needed solely by career women in their 40s who have had their careers and now want a career, but it also affects women in their 20s and 30s.  
  • How she hopes to ensure colleagues can support others who might be going through it
  • How Nickie was surprised to be talking to a big company who she spoke to about the Bill and they were surprised they didn’t have a policy  
  • Whilst there isn’t an employment bill that this can slot into and whilst ideally we shouldn’t need a law, Nickie highlights why we need a law in order for people to be better supported.  
  • Following the first reading of the Bill has happened Nicky did a speech in Parliament which you can read here
  • Within the Women’s Health Strategy launched earlier in the summer, Nickie made sure IVF and fertility treatment was included and she believes this means the argument about women’s health is a priority has been won.  
  • Baroness Anne Jenkins made a speech listing every medical situation a girl goes through.  
  • Launch of the Fertility Workplace Pledge  
  • What Nickie thinks the impact of the Write to your MP campaign  will be

Write to your MP – here’s how

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