Fertility matters at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Welcome to this episode of The F Word at Work, where we are celebrating Ferring Pharmaceuticals who are now fertility friendly accredited ™️ and we’re joined by Mary Knight, Head of Global Ethics at Ferring to talk about the incredible work they have been doing globally to support Ferring’s employees who are building their families. We’re delighted to share that Ferring Pharmaceuticals are now a fertility friendly accredited ™️ employer ( updated Jan 1st 2024 )

What was discussed:

  • Pillars of Building Families at Ferring
  • How the planning evolved
  • Key considerations
  • Insights gained from patient communities to learn more about people’s experiences and encompasses the range of experiences and practicalities involved
  • Program designed to support all family building journies
  • addressing every eventuality at parental leave policies
  • Three pillars – those who are facing challenges conceiving with financial support and it includes IVF, Surrogacy or Adoption with no cap
  • Removing barriers such as financial support which can vary region to region as well as country to country
  • Ferring wanted to give the most generous, holistic package so it was truly equitable
  • Pillar two – around parental leave for all parents including birthing and non-birthing parents, which is flexible and can be taken over implements
  • Leave also includes time off for treatment, pregnancy loss, still birth, adoption – all learned from sharing experiences from employees
  • Neo-natal period of leave also included
  • Third pillar includes tying the support and leave together with a true commitment that is informed about the issue to ensure managers have empathy about the vast issues around family building struggles
  • Ensuring there is training and education to bring it to life and Ferring’s commitment to awareness and support at work, with FMAW’s eLearning, awareness raising activities and factual information for all involved in the day-to-day of the business to make sure people are supported
  • Making sure the culture of one of no taboo and people understand the need for empathy and compassion.
  • Feedback of real-life impacts since launch in July 2022 – videos shared and testimonies shared
  • How they’ve learned from the realities shared by people’s experience meaning the issue is really brought to life.
  • Aims to build employee support and resource groups to share experiences
  • Advice for other organisations on how to implement this type of support – such as bringing in stakeholders who have passion about the topic across a range of functions within the company.

You can watch Natalie and Becky as part of Ferring’s Fertility Awks campaign

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