Why cross industry conversations about fertility matter

In this episode, we are joined by Sabine Hutchison, the dynamic CEO and Co-Founder of Seuss+ and Vice President of the HBA EMEA region. Sabine renowned for her trailblazing spirit in entrepreneurship. With a knack for innovation, Sabine has spearheaded multiple ventures across diverse sectors, showcasing her prowess as a serial entrepreneur and Natalie met her in Basel, after Becky and her had presented our Fertility Matters at Work and here’s why, flagship session as part of the inagural HBA Gender Summit. The chat begins with Claire and Natalie from FMAW discussing the importance of cross-industry awareness raising activity, which we facilitate.

What we discussed:

  • Significance of cross-industry conversations in the workplace.
  • Overview of an upcoming women’s health webinar in collaboration with CIPD.
  • The need for culture change through continuous conversations across industries.
  • The importance of removing taboos around women’s health in the workplace.
  • Challenges faced by women in leadership roles related to menopause discussions.
  • Considerations for discussing taboo topics in gender-specific and male-dominated environments.
  • Challenges of maintaining focus on important well-being topics amidst distractions.
  • Importance of diverse perspectives and storytelling in addressing workplace challenges.
  • Encouraging open conversations to normalize discussions on personal experiences in the workplace.
  • Exploring the emotional, psychological, and financial impact of workplace well-being.
  • Objectives for encouraging HBA members to prioritize well-being discussions in 2024.
  • The significance of taking action and initiating conversations on crucial topics.
  • Reflecting on the insightful panel discussions and the importance of actionable steps.
  • Acknowledgment of ongoing conversations and the value of addressing challenging topics in the workplace.

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