Why understanding Surrogacy matters at work

In this episode, we are joined by Madeleine Macy, formerly the Marketing Director at Liberty and currently the Chief Executive Officer at SkyDiamond, and Brendan Boucher, Group Treasurer at The Compass Group. Please note the sensitive content within this episode as there is talk of pregnancy loss and failed IVF and you will hear about Madeline and Brendan’s alternative routes to parenthood through Surrogacy.

What we discussed:

Madeleine describes her fertility journey, spanning almost a decade and involving various treatments, including alternative medicine, medication, artificial insemination, and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The difficulties of managing fertility treatments while working, especially in a demanding career. Madeline discusses experiencing multiple miscarriages, including one during her early days at a new job. She shares that she initially chose not to disclose her pregnancy losses at work, fearing it might affect how she was perceived professionally.

The toll fertility struggles took on her mental health, leading to periods of depression and personal challenges and how Madeleine eventually opened up about her experiences at work, receiving support from her boss and HR director.

The importance of creating a supportive work environment for those facing fertility challenges and the impact of colleagues’ pregnancies on people’s emotional well-being, highlighting the difficulty of seeing others go through pregnancy while dealing with loss

IVF during the pandemic and the advantages of remote work for those undergoing fertility treatments.

Exploring surrogacy as the next step in their journey after facing challenges with IVF.

The grief associated with another miscarriage during the surrogacy process and the emotional toll it takes and the importance of taking time off when needed and the need for workplaces to recognize miscarriage as a form of bereavement.

The male experience of fertility journey, including experiences of loss, challenges, and different stages of treatment.

The impact of changing jobs whilst still going through different stages of treatment including egg donation and IVF cycles, and challenges faced during the process.

How a a chance encounter with a couple on a boat in Thailand led to finding a surrogate.

Emotional impact, resilience, and the importance of support during the fertility journey.

The challenges of balancing fertility treatments with work responsibilities and the need for awareness, education, and support networks within organizations.

Conscious quitting and the changing expectations of employees regarding ethical and supportive workplaces and why organisations need to be inclusive.

Consideration of individual circumstances in workplace policies and the possibility of offering paid leave per fertility cycle.

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