Support The ‘Fertility Treatment: Employment Rights’ Bill

We’re currently working with MP Nickie Aiken for a much-needed change in employment legislation to protect the rights of those undergoing fertility treatment, providing advice and guidance as well as our services to support organisations in implementing The Fertility Workplace Pledge. There are currently no rights for workers who require fertility treatment as the only way to build their family, leading to many feeling the need to hide their treatment from their employer and face fears relating to their employment. Listen here to Nickie’s podcast episode, recorded with us to understand more about why this change is needed.

The first reading of the “Fertility Treatment: Employment Rights” bill took place in June 2022, with the second reading taking place in UK parliament on 25th November 2022. In the meantime, there’s still work to be done – and YOU can help!

Fertility Matters in parliament with Nickie Aiken
You can help to make a difference by writing to your local MP asking for their support for this proposed legislation to offer the statutory right for time off for fertility treatment. We’ve made it really easy for you, simply click on ‘contact your politician’ below and enter your postcode. This will automatically populate an email with your local MP’s email address. Then it’s down to you to share why this is important to you, your partner, friend or family member… with some suggested points we recommend including below.

We suggest you:

  • Explain that as a constituent you expect them [your local MP] to support Nickie Aiken with a much-needed change in employment legislation to protect the rights of those undergoing fertility treatment.
  • Include the title of the bill: ‘Fertility Treatment: Employment Rights’.
  • Share your own experience including how it has impacted you or your loved one – this is important to really bring to life why this change is needed
  • Share what difference the bill would make to you and others going through treatment whilst at work

Find your local MP below.
Over the next few weeks and months, we want to flood the inboxes of MP’s all over the country to get them to take notice and realise the need to support this bill. Sharing your personal stories with them can really help bring to life the challenge of fertility treatment on everyday working lives, helping to drive momentum and support Nickie in getting this legislation through parliament.

Politics has been rather polarising and divisive in recent years in the UK, but it’s important to note that this is a bipartisan issue that will hopefully gain cross party support. Therefore, even if you didn’t personally vote for your local MP, they still represent you in parliament and can help push this forward.

We’re really excited about where this campaign might take us and hope to make the experiences of those going through fertility treatment in the future a little less stressful when it comes to the workplace.

We’d also be really grateful if you share our campaign with others on your socials so that we can create as much noise as possible. Thank you in advance for your support!

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