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We’re on a mission to make the workplace Fertility Friendly.

Fertility Matters At Work is a Community Interest Company (CIC) on a mission to educate and inspire businesses with an awareness of how fertility issues affects both their employees and their organisation.


By increasing awareness and overcoming the many misconceptions we can support all those who are facing this challenge. This will not only improve their personal experience but also ensure your organisation is inclusive, whilst improving engagement, retention, attraction and productivity.

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  • Ensure employers and employees recognise that fertility struggles can affect as many as one in seven individuals and one in six couples, all of working age
  • Open up conversations and create safe spaces within the workplace so that those facing fertility struggles feel supported and don’t need to suffer in silence
  • Educate about the reality of what fertility treatment involves and the direct link to mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Empower organisations to build an inclusive and supportive workplace, helping them to attract, engage and retain people, guiding them to become fertility-friendly employers of choice
  • Campaign for change in statutory legislation for rights and better protection for employees needing to attend fertility appointments
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Fertility Friendly Employer

We are looking for the first 100 companies to become Fertility Friendly. Are you one of them?

The Challenge

Growing a family is a fundamental part of many lives which can have a devastating impact to those whose journey isn’t as easy. Sadly, the reality of this challenge is rarely recognised and often misunderstood by employers and, as a result, many people suffer in silence.

74.2% didn’t feel that the topic of fertility was recognised in their organisation.

61.1% didn’t feel confident in talking to their employer about trying for a baby

Our findings from our 2020 survey clearly show how fertility struggles are a challenge both for the individual and the organisation.

72% said that their workplace did not have a fertility policy in place
83% said COVID-19 had made managing fertility treatment whilst at work easier
Over 68% felt their treatment had a significant impact on their mental and emotional wellbeing
1.7% had a fertility policy that met their needs
54.8% received external support (counselling/cbt)
69.5% took sick leave during treatment

This final statistic clearly presents both an operational and financial challenge for employers. Research has shown that employees who feel supported and engaged by their employer are more likely to perform better and less likely to leave.

Our White Paper Report into Complex Fertility Journeys in the Workplace, combining our research with that of Manchester Metropolitan University, provides an overview of the challenges and recommendations as to what employers can do.

With a clear link between employer support and better business outcomes, why not speak to us to find out how you can better support your employees who need help to build their family?

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